The Tournament

The United States Karate Championships:

It’s one of the oldest and best known karate tournaments in the history of sport karate.  The tournament began in 1962 and was produced by Allen Steen, a national champion and true legend in karate.  For many, specially the “old-timers”, the thought of the tournament will always and should always invoke the thoughts of Mr. Steen, and the birth of sport karate here in the United States.  The list of black belt competitors who have fought at the “U.S.” includes national legends such as Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, and Chuck Norris.  It also includes “Texas” Legends such as Skipper Mullins, Fred Wren, Demetrius Havanus, Ishmael Robles, and many more.

With the proliferation of karate tournaments, the “U.S.” is now one of a massive number of sport karate tournaments produced annually in the United States.  The assortment of sport karate leagues, rating systems, and tournament organizations had diluted the “prize” for winning any one tournament nevertheless, to win the “U.S.” will now and forever be an honor.  Those who now win the “U.S.” must successfully compete against the best.  To win puts those champions into elite company with the great champions of past and present. The “U.S.” is proudly part of the Amateur Organization of Karate which includes over 25 tournaments in Texas.

A.O.K. competitors include the “best in the world”!


Guns & Hoses Foundation: It is the mission of the Guns & Hoses Foundation to raise funds to benefit the your of our community, to provide monetary support to families of fallen fire and police officers, and to donate designated funds to named charities of the participants.

Garland PAL (Police Athletic League): Founded by Lt Dave Swavey in 1998 the Garland Police Boxing Gym, aka the 9th Street Boxing Gym, began in cooperation with the G.R.E.A. T.  program to help at-risk kids.  In the beginning there we six kids and one coach.  The program now includes over 200 kids in the boxing program, 75 in the karate program,  tutoring program, and almost 30 coaches.

Garland PAL Karate Club: This program provides free martial arts training for low income families in the community.   Instruction is provide by instructors of the Beasley Karate Program. It has quickly become one of the top martial are teams in Texas.  Participants of Garland PAL karate club include many regional, state, national and and world champions.